The IB & College Admissions

Students and parents are often curious about how colleges view the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. The good news is that the vast majority recognize the rigor of the curriculum. The bad news is that there is no uniformity in how colleges factor the IB into their admissions decisions, nor is there uniformity in the way that colleges award credit for IB courses. We encourage you to research the answers to these questions for each of the colleges you are interested in.

Begin with a college’s web site. Search the site for references to the IB. If you do not find the answer to your question, set up an appointment for an interview or an information session and pose your question. Should you have an interview remember to advocate for yourself. Explain that your courses require much more than the successful completion of an exam. Bring samples of your work, and discuss the various assessments, both internal and external, that you are required to complete.

The IB Programme is designed to provide students with critical thinking, communication and other skills that enable them to be successful in college. It does not offer students a guarantee of admission to their colleges of choice. However, as was mentioned earlier, the rigor of the program is broadly recognized, and more colleges in the US are beginning to court IB students with special scholarship opportunities and well articulated offers of credit.

For additional information visit the IBO website.

A glossary can be a useful resource while navigating IB at Sturgis. Visit IB Glossary to help decode some of the terminology you will often hear.



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