Managing the Process

Senior year is a busy year and finding balance may be a challenge so we encourage or juniors to start planning early. Planning can help students effectively manage not only the college application process; planning helps students manage the competing demands on their time.

Colleges look for applicants who take control of the college application process, and demonstrate initiative and independence in doing so. Organization and time management are critical skills when it comes to managing this deadline driven process. There are a number of methods and tools to help you stay organized and on schedule in the college application process. Consider using an established college application tracking tool (visit My College Calendar or The College Board) or create your own method for managing multiple college applications. Spreadsheets can be especially helpful tracking tools for recording and overseeing admission requirements, important deadline dates and on-line accounts/passwords.

Remaining on schedule is critical to meeting admissions deadlines. This is where a student’s organizational skills are put to the test! Allow yourself time to do a good job. Consider establishing personal deadlines, at least one week in advance of the actual deadlines, to avoid a last minute rush that could compromise the quality of your college application.

Monitoring the status of applications is another component of managing the process. Once a college or university acknowledges receipt of your application, keep an eye on its status. Many schools now require that students monitor their applications, including the need for missing documents, on-line.

While the process can seem daunting at first glance, getting organized and staying on schedule will help you to manage the process. Remember that you are not alone: school counselors, parents and teachers are here to support you. Seek help when you need it!


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