Charting Your Course

Charting Your Course Handbook

This guide is updated annually by the Sturgis Charter Public School School Counseling Department. It is available to parents and students in order to provide important information for post-secondary education planning.

The booklet includes specific information on college entrance testing, financial aid, and college application procedures. Some sections are designed to raise questions about individual priorities. Other parts provide information about resources available for further research. Finally, the concluding section suggests a variety of alternatives for the student who chooses not to continue on to college at the conclusion of her or his high school career.

Some students and families enjoy researching colleges before junior year, visiting schools during their travels and learning about colleges from friends and relatives that have gone before them. Most start looking seriously into college materials during junior year and do the most focused research in the spring of that year and the fall of senior year.

Students and parents are encouraged to contact your school counselor for assistance with post-secondary planning. All students will have a chance to discuss the issues surrounding post-secondary planning one-to-one with their guidance counselor during the second semester of junior year, and again in the fall of senior year. Parents are welcome to join us.

We hope you will find this resource useful as you plan your educational opportunities for after high school. As always, we look forward to assisting you in any way possible.

Sturgis Charter Public School Counseling Department

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