School Counseling

The School Counseling Department supports the educational mission of Sturgis Charter Public School through the provision of personal, academic, college and career counseling. We work in collaboration with teachers, parents and administrators to promote and enhance the development of all students.

Freshman year lessons and activities include identifying learning styles, understanding academic expectations, and screening for concerns surrounding depression and substance use.

Sophomore year students continue to explore their learning styles and explore implications for college majors and careers. They also have the option of taking a practice ACT in March. Later in the year, the School Counseling Department works in tandem with our IB Coordinator to provide opportunities for sophomores and their families to learn more about IB curriculum options.

Junior year is a busy one. Sturgis students participate in the PSAT in October and also have an opportunity to participate in a college visit field trip. Juniors and their parents receive support with navigating college admissions testing and the college search process, with special emphasis on assisting them in identifying colleges/universities that are a good "fit.” This is done through evening presentations, small groups, and individual meetings as requested.

Senior year is focused on transition, which includes assistance with the college application and financial aid processes. Students begin the Common Application in May with counselors, followed by an optional Application Boot Camp for students in late summer to get a jump start. Counselors offer frequent check ins throughout the year, and provide a financial aid lesson in the spring.

The School Counseling Department also plays a vital role role in supporting students and their individual needs. We encourage you to reach out to your child’s school counselor with any questions or concerns.

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