Transcript Requests

When a student applies for admission using the Common Application, they will assign their counselor to their application in the "Recommenders and FERPA" section of their application. Once they do this, the counselor is able upload electronic versions of the student's transcript along with a counselor recommendation letter, and those documents become available to those colleges to which the student applies. Counselors are able to keep track of electronic Common Application requests for documents through the counselor Common Application account.

If a student applies to a college that does not use the Common Application, they will need to ask their counselor to mail out transcripts and recommendations by completing a Transcript Request form and submitting it to their counselor.

A Common Application e-mail request and/or a transcript request form trigger the preparation and sending of school documents. It is each student’s responsibility to fill out and deliver a Transcript Request form to their respective school counselor in advance of application deadlines (two weeks is preferred). Students are also asked to keep their school counselor updated as to the status of their college applications.



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