School Counseling

The School Counseling Department supports the educational mission of Sturgis Charter Public School through the provision of personal, academic, college and career counseling. We work in collaboration with teachers, parents and administrators to promote and enhance the development of all students.

Beginning with freshman year, the School Counseling Department works with all students to deliver a relevant developmental curriculum. In the fall, we work with freshmen to build an understanding of academic expectations, and to also address concerns surrounding depression and suicide. During sophomore year students are introduced to college admissions testing through optional workshops regarding and an opportunity to take the PSAT; and we provide a lesson about personality type, exploring its implications for college majors and careers. Later in the year, the School Counseling Department works in tandem with our IB Coordinator to provide opportunities for sophomores and their parents to learn more about IB curriculum options and how current students manage the demands of the program. Juniors will again have an opportunity to sit for the PSAT in October and take part in an optional preparatory workshop. In December they will be offered an “unofficial” practice ACT in order to become familiar with the format of this alternative to the more regionally familiar SAT. Both tests are equally accepted at colleges and universities. Juniors and their parents receive support with navigating college admissions testing and the college search process, with special emphasis on assisting them in identifying colleges/universities that are a good "fit”. Our work with seniors is focused on transition, which for the vast majority of Sturgis students and parents includes assistance with the college application and financial aid processes.

The School Counseling Department also plays a role in the identification and support of individual students. Counselors review the records of incoming ninth and tenth graders, monitor academic progress; connect with students and parents regarding both academic and personal concerns; may initiate or make recommendations for Student Success Plans; work in conjunction with faculty in developing Response to Intervention Plans; and, when necessary, will make recommendations for General Education Accommodations. Members of our School Counseling Team are also available to consult with students, parents and outside professionals regarding the personal needs of individuals including helping students with stress management, healthy lifestyle choices, social skills, and, when warranted, referrals for therapeutic support.

Counselor Assignments


Deb Hempel
Students with last names A – F
(508) 778-1782, extension 234

Kerrie Lombardozzi
Students with last names G-O
(508) 778-1782, extension 231

Karen Gauthier
Lead Counselor
Students with last names P-Z
(508) 778-1782, extension 230



Catherine Yates
Students with last names A –D
(508) 771-2780, extension 423

Galen Ryley
Students with last names E-Na
(508) 771-2780, extension 421

Matt Sydow
Grade Ne-Z
(508) 771-2780, extension 403


Kristine May
Lead Counselor
(508) 771-2780, extension 419


Stacey Locascio
School Counseling Administrative Assistant for East and West
(508) 771-2780, extension 420

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