Internet searches enable students to perform a college search, get information about specific colleges, explore occupations, and explore additional sources of financial assistance, such as scholarships, much more quickly and efficiently than by any other means.

Many students who want to develop a list of colleges or look for specific information about individual colleges use the College Board website. Sturgis students are introduced to this useful tool during the winter of junior year. There are many other college search tools available on the Internet, including College Navigator, Colleges that Change Lives and the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.

Many of these sites contain objective information on approximately 4000 two-year and four year colleges. They enable students to explore colleges that match certain factors selected by students, such as degree desired, geographic location, school size, and more. Once a list is obtained, students can explore individual colleges to learn about degree offerings, entrance requirements, student life and extracurricular activities.

While there are many useful Internet resources, we encourage students to use caution when utilizing sites that share rankings or subjective opinions (such as College Confidential, College Prowler and Unigo). When an individual selects a college that is a “good fit” she/he is likely to be happy. Likewise, if an individual selects a school for reasons other than fit, there is always a chance that she/he will be unhappy with that choice. We encourage students to begin their research with sites that offer objective information, then visit a number of campuses and begin forming their own opinions before looking into the opinions of others.


Counselors are currently working with juniors.

Here are some helpful materials they have been given:

Variables to Consider

Apply Strategically

Junior Timeline to College

College Admissions Testing




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