Board of Trustees Meeting Notices:

Next Meeting of the Board of Trustees, Monday, October 20 at 6:30pm. Next Meeting of the Finance Committee, Monday, October 20 at 5:45pm.


Click HERE for notices and agendas.


Board of Trustees

President:  Keith Clarke
Vice President: Susan McCourt
Secretary:  Patrick McLaughlin
Treasurer:  Tim Telman
Executive Director: Eric Hieser
  Mary Agostinelli
  Tom Dauwalder
  Ewerton Decastro
  Brian Glenny
  Gordon Harris
  Marsha Yalden
  Greg Ryan
  Mattie White
  Fred Work
The Board of Trustees is the organized group of volunteers who, collectively, are legally and morally accountable to the community for the health, vitality, and effectiveness of the Sturgis Charter Public School. The Board’s primary role is “Governance”, which encompasses legal responsibilities, general oversight, planning and policy-making, and meeting fiduciary requirements. The Board only has authority when it votes as a group. No single member has authority for the board as a whole.

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