Administrative Staff

HieserExecutive Director


Eric Hieser is currently the Executive Director of Sturgis Charter Public School, a non-selective "IB for All" public school in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Eric has also held leadership positions in four American international schools that offer the IB. Eric has presented workshops on IB access, college readiness, and redesigning the American high school at several regional, state, national, and international conferences. In addition, Eric is the President of the Board of the Massachusetts Center for Charter Public School Excellence, a board member of the Massachusetts Charter Public School Association, and an IB Consultant and Site Visitor.


Jenn Principal, Sturgis West Campus

Jenn Kirk joined Sturgis as a Spanish teacher in 2007 and has served as Lead Teacher of the Spanish and French Department, Critical Friends Group Facilitator, World Challenge Leader of a Sturgis trip to Costa Rica as well as Administrative Intern and Coordinator of Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)  at Sturgis West.  Prior to joining Sturgis, Jenn taught for eight years in Latin America: Costa Rica (1998-2000) and Colombia (2001-2007).


Principal, Sturgis East Campus

Paul Marble has more than ten years experience working as a teacher and administrator in three high schools, including a private school, large urban district school, and a charter public school. Paul taught IB English at Sturgis for six years, has made numerous presentations about the IB Diploma Programme and its implementation, and is an IB Workshop Leader, helping experienced IB teachers from across the nation support diverse learners in their classrooms.


james albrechtDirector of Finance and Operations


James Albrecht joined Sturgis Charter Public School as the Director of Finance and Operations in August, 2004. Prior to joining Sturgis, James held positions of Chief Financial Officer, Controller, and Assistant Controller in several companies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire from 1984-2004. James also served for six years on a school board in New Hampshire and for three years was the Trustee of Trust Funds for that school board. James has made several workshop presentations on budgeting, financial controls, and facilities management to participants from across the Commonwealth.






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