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Sturgis Athletic Parent-Student Handbook

Sturgis West Athletic Director: Brij Anand

Sturgis East Athletic Director: Aaron Crowell


Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for taking an interest in the athletic program at Sturgis Charter School. Athletics has general policies and procedures that we would like you to be aware of. Please take the time to read through the material and if you have any questions please contact the athletic office.



Through our athletic program we hope each student will develop an understanding of commitment and the value of dedicated practice. For this reason, students who make a team are expected to complete the full period of the activity. The procedure for dropping an activity/team must begin with a conversation between the student, coach, AD and parent.

Health Requirements

As with all facets of school life, student safety is one of our primary goals. For this reason each student participating in athletics requires the following actions to have been completed:

Submission of Paperwork

Please make sure you have handed the following prior to the season start.

Where paperwork is not submitted a participant may be ineligibly to practice or play.

Student Conduct And Behavior

Student-athletes are expected to conduct themselves at all times in such a manner as to reflect well upon themselves, Sturgis and the school community. Behavior and/or conduct that does not reflect the best interests of the school, which occurs during the season may constitute grounds for suspension or dismissal from the team or activity. The student handbook is in force at all times included travel to and from a venue, practice and matches. 


Students MUST be in school by 9 am (first period runs from 8:20 to 9:40) in order to participate in athletics. All student athletes must attend every class in order to participate in after school athletics practices or games. Students may not “sign themselves out” in the afternoon and participate in athletics. Medical appointments, college visits, and other legitimate excuses will be reviewed by the Director of Athletics.


Sturgis students are Student-Athletes, not Athlete-Students. As such each student should be aware of the team schedule and upcoming dismissals. It is the student-athletes' responsibility to notify teachers when they will be out of class. Each student-athlete is also responsible for ensuring that they keep current with their academic load and meet all deadlines set by teachers. Concerns raised by teachers are addressed by the coach and/or athletic director. When a student repeatedly "drops the ball" it may result in that student-athlete's temporary suspension from a team events.

Academic Eligibility: MIAA Rule 58.1: A student must secure a passing grade, and full credit, in the equivalent of four traditional year long major English Courses.


Each student-athlete is provided with a team uniform. This uniform is the property of the school and is expected to be returned (in good condition) by the close of the season. Non returned uniforms incur a replacement cost payable by the student/parent. The current replacement cost varies between $30.00-$60.00. 

Chemical Health

A student shall not, regardless of the quantity, use, consume, possess, buy/sell, or give away any beverage containing alcohol; any tobacco product; marijuana; steroids; or any controlled substance. * First Offense: Students will miss at least 25% of all remaining contests.

It is not a violation for a student to be in possession of a legally defined drug specifically prescribed for the student’s own use by his/her doctor.

Taunting, Hazing and Bullying

Taunting includes, but is not limited to: Ridicule of an opponent because of his/her skills, efforts, sexual orientation, or lack of success, which is likely to provoke an altercation or physical response as well as physical intimidation of another player.

Hazing is defined as any conduct or method of initiation into any student organization that willfully or recklessly endangers the physical or mental health of any student or person. Hazing is a crime. Any instances of hazing and the organizers or participants of hazing will be reported to the police.

Bullying is defined as the repeated use by one or more students of a written, verbal, or electronic expression or a physical act or gesture or any combination thereof, directed at a victim that: i.Causes physical or emotional harm to the victim. ii. Places the victim in reasonable fear of harm to himself/herself. iii. Creates a hostile environment at school for the victim. iv. Infringes on the rights of the victim at school; or v. materially and substantially disrupts the education process or the orderly operation of a school.

None of the above behaviors will be tolerated at any time.





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