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Sturgis West Athletic Director: Brij Anand

Sturgis East Athletic Director: Aaron Crowell


Athletics is one of the cornerstones of student activities at Sturgis. We believe that the athletic program at Sturgis should reflect and support the school’s mission and core values. Athletics contributes significantly to the total development of every student. Sturgis serves our students through two distinct, yet mutually supportive programs: Varsity and Junior Varsity Programs.

Sport is integral to individual, social, and cultural development. At Sturgis, we model the enduring values of sport: Commitment, good sportsmanship, team work, responsibility, resilience, and healthy competition. We develop these values by learning from our victories, our losses, the day-to-day challenges of practice, and our efforts to find balance between our athletic, academic, and personal lives. As teachers, coaches, and student-athletes, we strive to excel by being clear on our common goals and by being loyal to each other and to our values.

Through our Varsity and Junior Varsity programs, we emphasize that participation in athletics is a privilege and we encourage all students to take part. With this privilege go certain responsibilities. We have high expectations for behavior, commitment, academic achievement, and making healthy choices. 

Student learning is why we are here. We strive to help all students maximize their potential not only in their knowledge and skills but also in their habits, attitudes, and values.

Our Athletic programs promote:

If you are interested in what the research says about how a schools co-curricular program can aid your child's academic achievement, college acceptance, character building, transferable skills, social development, please access the links below:

MIAA Mission Statement: "The mission of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) is to serve member schools and the maximum number of their students by providing leadership and support for the conduct of interscholastic activities which will enrich the educational experiences of all participants. The MIAA will promote inter-school athletics that provide lifelong and life-quality learning experiences to students while enhancing their achievement of educational goals."


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