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Health Requirements

Sturgis West Athletic Director: Brij Anand

Sturgis East Athletic Director: Aaron Crowell


Health requirements for athletic participation.


Opioid Misuse Prevention Information.

Parent and student must have read the following documentation.


Yearly Physical

All athletes must have a physical that is valid for the duration of the season. A student may only participate up until the date of expiration on an existing physical, and cannot continue to participate until the physical is re-newed. Physicals are valid for 13 months. This is a change from previous years. In the past, a physical valid on the first day of the season was valid all season. Now, a physical that expires on January 15 (for example) will prevent a student from playing on February 16, unless he/she gets a new physical done. As an additional reminder, physicals must clearly state (usually via a check box) that the student is cleared for competitive sports. When in doubt, ask your doctor to hand-write this and sign it.


Impact Concussion Training

EVERY ATHLETE must complete the online base test for impact concussion.
Please use a computer with a continuous power source (electric plug) and an external mouse.

  • Go to the Impact Test Online link from here.
  • Enter the corresponding school code:
    • EAST: F624ZJR2MG
  • Register your personal information.
  • Complete entire testing sequence (about 20 minutes).
  • Results are automatically tabulated on our account page.
  • Should a traumatic head injury occur, you will take a second Impact test and the results will be compared to your baseline in order to aid in determining your current stage of recovery.

Concussion Awareness



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