Student Support EAST

Department Title Email Web Page
Student Support Athletic Director Patrick O'Kane Sturgis Athletics
Athletic Director Greg Giardi Sturgis Athletics
  Tech Coordinator Kathy Power  
  Tech Support Amy Peterson  
  IB Coordinator Cindy Gallo  
  Assistant IB Coordinator Marsha Yalden  
  IB Tech Support Justin Scott  
  Librarian Kate Dunnigan-Atlee Sturgis Reference Room
  Librarian Daniela Milne  
  Nurse Patricia O'Toole Health Office
  Registrar Joann Johnson Prygocki  
  Registrar Sandra Lucci  
  Main Office Rachel Todoroff  
  Main Office Denise Hyer  
  East Annex Office
Assistant to Director of Finance
Rebekah Benedict  
  Lead Counselor Carol Vari  
  Counselor Carla Aiello  
  Counselor Deb Hempel  
  ELL Coordinator Christine McDowell  
  Assitant to Director of Finance Steve DeTora  
Special Education Special Ed Coordinator Susa Voigt  
  Special Ed Teacher
Assistant Special Ed Coordinator
Danielle Massey  
  Special Ed Teacher Lee Moynihan  
  Special Ed Xanthipi Abel  
  Special Ed Aimee Baker  
  Special Ed Christopher Beard  
  Special Ed Andrea Fleckles  
  Special Ed Amanda Hulse  
  Special Ed Rich Mathews  
  Special Ed Alyssa Pohlman