Annual CAS Showcase

“If you believe in something, you must not just think or talk or write, but must act.” -- Alec Peterson, one of the founders of the I.B. organization

The C.A.S. Showcase is an annual celebration of the efforts in Creativity, Activity and Service made by junior and senior members from East and West campuses. Even though C.A.S. is an I.B. requirement that takes place junior and senior years, students in all grades become involved in a variety of activities their freshman year. Their efforts in various clubs and organizations are also represented during this evening event. The C.A.S. component has often proven difficult to describe without seeing some students’ C.A.S. experiences; therefore, we decided to have the students demonstrate their progress and the spirit of C.A.S. with presentations of some of their work to a real audience.

This event gives parents, faculty and visitors an opportunity to talk with the students and ask them what C.A.S. means to them. Visitors are provided with sample guiding questions to have meaningful conversations with our student presenters.

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